Introducing the Famous Portuguese Muffin: The 3 Meal Muffin

Central Bakery's third generation recipe produces a rich, slightly sweet dough that is baked into our delicious "Port Muffins." Our muffins can be served lightly toasted, as a breakfast, lunch or dinner sandwich. The distinctive taste of our "Port Muffins" makes you appreciate the whole sandwich, not just what's between the "buns."

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Named one of the Top 10 Restaurant Burgers in SW Connecticut

#5 Harlan Social Burger

The Gold Standard in Portuguese Muffins

Happy Clients

This is paradise, let me tell you!

-Russ Sazberg | Tribeca Grill

Those Portuguese muffins are the truth!

-Giorgio Rapicavoli | 508 Brewery

The key to these delectable Scooby snacks is the miniature toasted Portuguese muffins.

Robin Raisfeld & Rob Patronite | Zaitzeff Burgers

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