Introducing the Famous Portuguese Muffin: The 3 Meal Muffin

Central Bakery's third generation recipe produces a rich, slightly sweet dough that is baked into our delicious "Port Muffins." Our muffins can be served lightly toasted, as a breakfast, lunch or dinner sandwich. The distinctive taste of our "Port Muffins" makes you appreciate the whole sandwich, not just what's between the "buns."

New York City's 5 Best Burgers


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Named one of the Top 10 Restaurant Burgers in SW Connecticut

#5 Harlan Social Burger

The Gold Standard in Portuguese Muffins

Happy Clients

This is paradise, let me tell you!

Tribeca Grill

Tribeca Grill

Russ Sazberg

Those Portuguese muffins are the truth!

508 Brewery

508 Brewery

Giorgio Rapicavoli

The key to these delectable Scooby snacks is the miniature toasted Portuguese muffins.

Zaitzeff Burgers

Zaitzeff Burgers

Robin Raisfeld & Rob Patronite

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